Devotion, 'Art in service of Truth', è una mostra internazionale a cura di Ina Puri che si declina nell'ambito di diverse discipline: arti visive, cinema, conferenze e performances. Si e' svolta negli spazi di Gallery Art Positive - una unità di BCAH, New Delhi - focalizzando la sua attenzione sul tema della resistenza dello spirito.

Devotion, 'Art in service of Truth', is an international show curated by Ina Puri. It melts different disciplines, from visual arts to cinema screening, talks and performances. It has been shown at Gallery Art Positive - a Unit of BCAH, New Delhi - and it focus about the resilience of the spirit.

On the cusp on electoral changes that could well bring us face to face with religious divide, the spectre of losing our identity as a secular nation looms larger than ever before. Now is the time we need to negotiate the public space, claim it as one that belongs to the community. To learn from our past mistakes and stake our position in the global community, as leaders. India remains a country where religion has (for time immemorial) played a crucial role, in the villages and the metropolitan cities, alike. In the spinning, whirling world of money, politics, power religious devotion remains a constant refuge for most, gods & god-men offering solace when the going is rough. It would be an interesting exercise to examine the modern intellectual's notion about there mistrust? Suspicion? Faith? Is it just the naive who believe that magic can even exist?
And what of devotion? Is devotion to be regarded merely as a tool?  An instant mantra to quell one's innermost disquiet & fear in a snap?  Sceptics declare that in the present scenario secularism is dying & that in the the end  it is all about grand delusions & religious posturing.
Great literature, art and cinema has always flourished in times of turmoil and strife. If censorship has imposed laws to stop the common man from protesting, art has provided the perfect platform for him/her to express angst through art. If Picasso's Guernica became a symbol so did Chaplin's Modern Times. If realism is the ultimate muse & magic realism is the tool. And Gabriel Garcia Marquez inspired us to believe in romance, hope & the cloud of yellow butterflies that symbolised faith & freedom. The onus to document our times & chronicle the present moment is now & it would be fitting to pause for a moment & remember the greatest story teller who ever lived, the master of magic realism who in his other life was a journalist drawing upon life. As Salman Rushdie puts in, succintly: 'The trouble with the term 'magic realism', is that when people say or hear it they are really hearing or saying only half of it, "magic", without paying attention to the other half, "realism". But if, magic realism were just magic, it wouldn't matter. It would be mere whimsy--writing in which, because anything can happen, nothing has effect. It's because the magic in magic realism has deep roots in the real and illuminates it in beautiful and unexpected ways, that it works...' (Magic in Service of Truth).

Ina Puri