NEW YORK – Studio Vendome and Beez and Honey are pleased to present Serena Scapagnini’s most recent work that focuses on neurons. These neurons flow like the tributaries of a river connecting through synapses forming the shapes of our thoughts.
Synapses is a project dedicated to the mind and it has been developed in collaboration with the Higley Lab - Program in Cellular Neuroscience of the Yale School of Medicine. The exhibition includes several works that will be presented for the first time in New York City. Among those, ‘Now’ was prompted by and includes an original in vivo video, shown for Art Basel Miami Beach at the Miami Cultural Arts Center in 2015.
Other mixed media works on paper define an interior landscape inspired by fluorescent neuroimaging. The paint which is dense and stratified on one part of the picture plane grows into etheric forms rarefying and dissolving into the white paper. The dendritic branches are treated through different media which allow the images to dissolve and the layers of color to surrender to the white face of the paper.
The paper has become an essential component of Serena Scapagnini’s current paintings because of its transparency and delicacy in response to the smallest chromatic operation. The support is specifically prepared in an acid solution in order to facilitate the image’s rarefaction. Through the variation of density, she unrolls hyperboles of increasing white. The process is intelligently meditative and contemplative, as are the images themselves. Brain activity is observed starting from the electrical and biochemical signaling within the neurons’ dendritic arbors that form our thoughts. Going beyond them, her work suggests the experience of the mind and inner self as an instrument of transcendence.

Nicollette Ramirez